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Site Work: Quick Set Concrete can take your project from the beginning stage of construction to the final grade and elevations of your foundation and paving project. Our capacities include staking, erosion barriers, grading, and compaction when required.

Commercial Construction: Quick Set Concrete has experience in pier and beam, post tension design styles. With engineering backgrounds and state-of-the-art software systems, we can also contribute to design services which will save time and money without sacrificing quality or structural integrity. Our knowledge with design and building code will also allow for seamless inspection and execution processes.

Residential Construction: Quick Set Concrete can assist you with your new construction or renovation project. our workmanship and attention to detail leaves your work site or home in the same or like condition it was before project commencement.

Decorative Concrete: Stained, stamped, exposed aggregate, scored, custom finishes, sealing.

Other Services: Brick, stone, and stucco work and repair, retaining walls, patio extensions and arbors, rock and asphalt paving, saw cutting, demolition and haul off, research and design, and project coordination.

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